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Need a Sports Photographer?

Why not add some new photos to your website or social media presence?   Impactful photos will help you attract more people or even make money for your club or event by selling photos to your fans or customers.

Paid for services

I regularly undertake paid work covering concerts, sports events and company profiles for investor relations.   As part of my service i offer:

-  Rapid turnaround of event coverage.  Full resolution .jpeg files are ready for use within 6 hours of an events finish*.  

- Photographs can be uploaded to a secure e-commerce website so they can be purchased individually by your fans or customers if desired.

-  A professional, low profile shooting style.  I will not interfere with the running of your event.

-  Upfront, transparent pricing of an agreed photography shot list

-  6 Months of redundant, secure storage of all your images post event.


I still do the majority of my photography as an impassioned amateur but if you want me to take photos for free you have to satisfy a couple of requirements. 

-  You are based near me (Loughborough but Armagh at some times). 

-  If you are an underrepresented sport that doesn't get a lot of current coverage

-  If the opportunity gives me room to grow as a photographer and improve my skills in an enjoyable atmosphere.

Take the next step

If you’d like me to be your sports photographer, contact me at markjsmccall@gmail.com to discuss any event you might have in the near future.  You can also use the contact link on the left of this page.

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